Friday, August 6, 2010

Obama Motors

Hey Baxter...I heard that General Motors in building a new 500 million dollar plant to help out all the workers that have lost their jobs in Michigan and the US...that is great...but I heard they are building it in MEXICO....OOOPS guess Obama does not have his boarders straighten out on which side the US is on


Baxter said...

GM needs to do what is best for GM. I'm glad we still have an auto industry.

riegels rant said...

You R full of it up to your mean to say that they should send all that money and jobs to Mexico rather than put those jobs and money in the US and help our employment problem...if you believe that you have a real problem...but I keep forgetting you are a liberal. GM needs to do what is best for the auto industry...give me a break

Baxter said...

I'm a capitalist, Al. The US unemployment rate is not GM's problem. They have enough of their own problems. Their sole job is to maximize GM profits.