Friday, June 24, 2011

So crazy Rich says

We has the following dialog. I'm less worried about someone goofy than another McCain. We just need a solid conservative and Obama is toast. Romney is not yet defined. Perhaps Pawlenly or Perry. Just not another democrats lite

are you suggesting the grand old party might nominate somebody who is goofy???
then I will check back when the nominee is determined
T ye
hope all is well.
Of course not…this is an even money bet

Subject: Re: [morning coffee] The rest of us can sit in on the bench. They might as we...
Yes at 2:1 odds, or wait and let me see who is the nominee.
In a message dated 6/23/2011 8:26:28 A.M. US Mountain Standard Time, richmill1writes:
Want to bet $100 bottle on the election….you pussy?


Baxter said...

I think Obama wins pretty comfortably. He should pick up all of the states he won, except perhaps Indiana, while he possibly picks up Arizona and Mizzou.

All of the GOP candidates are hopelessly flawed. Most are on the right wing fringe, aren't very bright, and lack charisma. Those with charisma - Palin & Bachmann - are downright crazy.

Romney - the likely candidate (who wouldn't make a bad prez) - lacks conviction and has a boatload of flip flops to easily exploit.

Rick Perry - the would be secessionist - makes George W Bush look like a Rhodes scholar. It would be 1964 all over again.

The one candidate that could beat O - taking the independent vote - is the one guy that can't possibly win the nomination; the very moderate Jon Huntsman.

Its very hard to beat an incumbent. People forget that Jimmy Carter - with all his problems - was ahead in the polls one month before the election. It took a charismatic Ronald Reagan to beat the incumbent, who faced a very bloody primary, high inflation, stagnant growth and a hostage crisis. Obama's campaign will be a day at the beach by comparison.

Jim G. said...

Stupid things that Rich says:


that would be the same logic that would solve the debt by spending more $.

noticed the economy? Blame bush is over.

Unemployment? Inflation? Stock prices? Greece? Spain? libya? Gas?

We can't afford another 4 years of his socialism! Oh that is right we need to accept second country status

Baxter said...

Things are far, far better today than they were when President Obama took office. I'll remind you, were were shedding 700,000+ jobs a month. We are now growing jobs.

The economy sucks - Bush and the GOP dug a very deep hole. President Obama is digging us out as the GOP tries to dig ever deeper.

Obama can't afford to explode the deficit the way that Reagan and Bush did. Thank god the adults are in charge at the White House!