Monday, May 14, 2012

Whew, France will be fixed

According to Liberal Bloggers Rich, Terry and Rich, we are just a soak the rich away from prosperity.

Austerity...writes first to blame for Europe's woes.  They, the voters, agree and vote in....wait... Socialism!  (Course Obama's not a Socialist...course not).  They promise to tax high earners at the hardly significant 75% rate. 

As an aside Terry texts me today complaining about the JP Morgan trader getting sympathy for getting fired after earning $14 M.  No one who is a high earner should ever get any sympathy!

Anyway, so France has promised more than it has (kind of like us but at a more advanced stage of disease) and their solution...same as Rich 1, Terry and Rich 2....and the REST of the Liberal domain...TAX THE RICH!  They never...ever...except for spending cuts (remember how they protested the $ 15B in spending cuts out of a TRILLION budget?)

OK, so they have (OK, have proposed) a 75% tax rate on the rich...and that...all you dumbshit Conservatives... should take care of everything.  No austerity...(meaning living with what you have, not what your children are going to produce), no delaying retirement until the ungodly age of 62 (how uncivilised) hour work we just vote to tax the rich.

OK, now my Liberal brethren, this is your nirvana, France got they way you desire for our country. (kind of like when you held the Presidency, both houses of Congress and passed pretty much what ever you the current mess is...YOURS!)

So this should work...solve the austerity.

OK, but I think the rich are going to... move to  Switzerland.  They are going to say (close your ears)...FUCK a big way.  They are going to say..."I'm not working my ass off for you to take 75% of what I make."  The French high earners are just the same as American earners.

But...Dear Readers:  I'm sometimes too passionate...too opinionated...this could work...France could solve its woes...........  OK, but if it does not...and...if it inflames the French people, who after driving away their creators of wealth and are left with nothing except debt and then blame the German's who get pissed for getting blamed for helping them by their work (kind of like the French high earners who will be living in Switzerland at the time) and this starts another war.........don't blame Capitalism.

Rich, Terry and Rich...Warren Buffet is wrong...if we took $100B and  left it in his do as he pleased... or gave that same $100B to our government, more prosperity, less poverty and more taxes would be gained from Warren.


Baxter said...
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Baxter said...

75% is a ridiculous top tax rate.

We need to pay our bills. In America, the wealthy are under-taxed thanks in large part to massive tax cuts they enjoyed under President Bush and the GOP Congress.

Those who are fiscally responsible looks to the Democrats for solutions - not America's Republicans or France's Socialists.