Sunday, July 15, 2012

Do The Right Thing All The Time

No one I know is against wealthy people. What we are against is favoritism. Someone paying 18% tax, while a regular working stiff pays a higher percentage. (Ala the Buffett argument) ! Forget all the HOO HA just have a tax system that is fair.
To blame the unions and pensions of people who passed on wage increases for more pension money is wrong. To blame a  mother who taught school for 30 years that she is the problem is beyond understanding!
 Right now the biggest corporations in the United States pay a smaller percentage of income tax than the average American Family and that is a fact JACK. Wall Street spends a million dollars a DAY lobbying in Washington for tax breaks and special interests.
 Ending oil subsidies alone would save two Billion a year to tax payers.
 A great start would be term limits, no gerrymandering, and a promise to work with whoever is elected. Or in plain simple language we can all understand " do the right thing all the time" for the American people, not for your ideology.

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Baxter said...

For example, release your tax returns for 12 years, just like dear old dad.