Monday, August 6, 2012


The good Doctor and I met the other day for golf, and rather than spoil our day talking politics we agreed to just play golf. But of course it's hard not to discuss the " state of the union". Assumptions about each other's positions always come up because we have become a country of labels. You are non caring- rich loving because you are a republican and I am socialist because I am a democrat, it's all so easy then listening stops.
 The same I am sure in Washington. The fact is we are much more complicated than labels.
 I don't for instance care that Romney is wealthy, great in fact!
 I'm mad at the "game of taxes" which allows him breaks other Americans don't get!
I'm mad 40% of Americans have no skin in the game.
 I'm mad we need ID's to vote, if your choosing that simply to keep blacks from voting under the guide of voter fraud.
I'm mad both sides don't find common ground and do what they were voted in to do keep America working.
 I'm mad there is gerrymandering so congressmen don't have to work together.
  • I'm just mad!!! We are better than this! Who will be the first to lay down the sword?

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Baxter said...

Neither will drop the sword. We have but one party that is willing to compromise. Until the other comes around, not much will happen.

The good news? They are going to have to come around in the next Congress, win or lose. Too many problems to do nothing. McConnell's goal of denying Obama another term will be inoperative in any event.