Sunday, January 6, 2013


The GOP just spent  60.4 billion on Sandy the money they fought so hard to get in deficit reduction, so what's the point? Fight for deficit reduction and then in 24 hours spend it on storm problems. That's like my children putting 2 dollars in their piggy bank and being proud they are saving and then head to the store and buy 2 dollars on candy? Where are the adults?
With no plan every road will not get you there, to change a phrase.  The President has taken the easy road let's bash the wealthy, but their are plenty of " rich Americans" who have worked hard, taken risk and should be rewarded for  their effort. It's disappointing the President doesn't have a bold plan that takes risk  but rewards all Americans. I think he might have made one with Boehner, but we will never know what transpired way back then but reported it was 3 dollars cut for every 1 tax revenue. This cut  deal is much worse and Republicans and the Tea Party nuts only have themselves to blame for snatching defeat from the jaws of victory, months ago.  While Biden may be laughed at by the right at least he was willing to enter the fray and talk some sense into getting a solution unlike Obama.
It never ceases to amaze me when we talk of cuts which are needed we never seem to cut foreign aid. It's like your children are living under a bridge buts lets send money to St. Vincents DePaul. Really your own family (Americans) are hurting but let's send Egypt money. DAH. Getting to the point which is always a problem aimless cutting without a comprehensive plan, and aimless crisis spending without a plan is both idiotic. Who can put a plan together and have the economy humming is what we need.
 I laugh when I here these TEN YEAR plans I can balance my own budget if I go out enough years. Small can kicking plans might be political safe the real deal is let these other countries defend themselves. Let them build their own armies and navys, bring our people home and start building hospitals for the mentally ill, schools for children that want to learn, trade schools for those that want trades. Collect 100 clip magazines, from these gun crazy loonies, and realize their is something called the "greater good" than your " so called right". Can you own a tank? It's that simple 2nd Amendment people. Society is best served when love and kindness is shown to all, not just who we like.

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