Thursday, February 28, 2013


Wow! Let's not cause any problems for gun owners in this country.
Let's not inconvience them in any way from access to their weapons!
 Let's think back to 9-11, we as a country made a decision to never again be attacked from airplanes and cause chaos and death, and as a country we decided to " inconvenience" millions of good Americans by now searching, and patting down children and grandmothers, and xraying EVERYONE who wants to fly in this country.
But God forbid the gun owners in this country are unwilling to have background checks, or limit guns that have 100 clips be inconvienced for our safety as non gun owners.
I guess those 20 kindergartner kids are just not enough for all of us to get a few to rules in place. It was just not enough the Colorado kids going to a movie to be slaughtered to get the gun owners to be inconvienced a little. Just not enough kids dead in Virginia Tech to inconvenience gun owners.
We as a country stepped up after 9-11 and said enough I will be inconvienced for the good of the country but gun owners say no we have a better plan more guns.
If we would have used that reasoning on 9-11 we would have said let's put more planes in the sky and no check points because we don't want to inconvience people.
Who are the real Americans who really care about the country I ask you?

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