Tuesday, May 21, 2013


I would encourage those few souls who still visit this blog to start spreading the word.  Thing are going to get interesting and we need to ....BLOG!

Lot's of our Presidents troubles are stuff..just...stuff, but after what the Liberals, HE and the press have done before to the sane folks who want...Liberty...OK with me!

IRS...yes one can argue that this is just incompetence but...the folks who were the opposition?   The ones who contributed who were audited (who were written about a long time ago in the WSJ)?

It is beyond pale, and...impeachable  

Libya....yes they screwed up...that happens (course it happens in a major war-please refer to "outrage" over armored vehicles during the Iraq conflict).  But I can be truly said that they massaged the message for politics...citizens can make their own judgment...they won't like it.

Fox News!  Who the hell thought we would be discussing Fox News!   Can't steal their Emails..just can't.

First of all...after 5 years...I hate him....he has fostered class resentment, over spent, and most importantly...cursed the successful and INCREASED THE unsuccessful. What a damning indictment.

But...after the election I went quiet, I quit listening because the right pretended like nothing happened, like they did not lose...they did....their ideas (freedom) was not wrong, but their message was...I'm still not ready to forgive the 1) guy defending rape   2) abdicating  the environment to those who will make it worse  3) allowing those who preach class warfare to win

Our country seems to go through periods of Populism...this may scare it away for a while


Baxter said...

The president has cut his inherited deficit in half, while Bush and Reagan cut taxes and spiked the deficit. After inheriting an economy shrinking 9% per annum and shedding 800,000 jobs a month, we are in full recovery and we are outpacing our peers in Europe - many of whom took the Republican austerity approach.

By any objective standard, this president is a tremendous success. Would the Republicans impeach him? Sure - it fits the sore loser/cry baby mentality that is today's GOP. Can they get rid of him? Just like they did Clinton? LOL.

Baxter said...

PS - the Tea Party are the populists, not the Democratic Party. We are the ones that believe in science, remember? We are not the ones that support tax cuts, damn the consequences. We are the ones that actually have a coherent economic policy. God bless John Maynard Keynes, as his policies allow responsible folks to pay down the debt run up by populists...