Monday, November 11, 2013


Another example, millions and billions that there are, how central planning does not work.

Feeble minds our Liberals are, they will never understand how a free people, making their own choice will always arrive at the best economic decision. 

Obamacare is....we will establish exchanges which work better than the free economy in allocating health care.  Ignoring the pertinent point...the distortion is caused by government...but anyway...

In no other endeavor is there the rational thought that removing the customer from financial decisions results in better financial decisions.

So the web site does not work, a portion of the population is having their insurance cancelled due to the increased requirements of offering individual insurance.  Temporary! they say... one might assume they will work the issues out (stupid that they think they can't solve this but can manage the whole)...but even giving their doubtful short term success...a long term!

They, our formerly (for me) beloved government, cannot manage a business...they will FIU.

The Liberals should have taken the Reps offer.


Jim G. said...

Crazy Rich writes:

did you have a late night at the Bordeaux club?

46,000,000 have a chance to get insurance...(young able bodied will need to enroll for the program to work)

try to remember that your gang was against Medicare and social security

Obama is responsible for the web site fuck up and the program will need adjustment over time...BUT the US is first in medical spending and 36th in quality of care.

The current path will lead to bankruptcy...that is a certainty



I can't believe that Cruz and company were willing to throw the country under the bus...

can you imagine the Left threatening the debt ceiling vote unless gun control legislation was passed?

Jim G. said...

Another responds:

Great math. 8,000,000 lose insurance and 100,000 get Obama care. Only works with liberals.

Jim G. said...

I say:

So far, more have lost insurance than gained.

The young will not "need" they "must" enroll for the program to work. Let's ask them how they feel about transferring their wealth.

Some of the great myths of Obamacare is 1) The while they can opt out now...not in a few years. 2) Assistance, yes assistance...such a great word...some will qualify for assistance because it is too expensive for them to buy they need...assistance...any bets on how quickly "assistance" grows and everybody will need "assistance"?

At what point does the logic of reality diffuse into the liberal brain to realize that centralized anything costs more. A program that requires "assistance" for many (most) to participate is not cost effective?

Baxter said...

The status quo sucks and is unsustainable. We need universal coverage and Obamacare is several steps in the right direction.

Right now, who pays when an uninsured person requires hospitalization? No more free rides, thanks to the mandate. Thank you, Heritage Foundation for the idea and thank you, Mitt Romney for being the first to implement the personal responsibility requirement.

Now we need a government option. Let people buy into Medicare coverage at cost + 10%. Then, we'll see just how well the insurance companies can compete.