Wednesday, February 15, 2012

And Terry says:

Do you know every night - hundreds of thousands of people are housed and put to bed by Catholic Charity's?

Terry, as usual misses the point.  Actually Terry is oblivious to any reasoned thinking.

The previous post was not attacking the Catholic church, nor did it attack Catholic charity.

The previous post, a complex, thorough and thoughtful article stated in sum....

A government that can impose social justice can also withdraw religious liberty...and the Catholic church, which has supported the imposition of social justice (not charity), is now reaping what they have sown.  Socialism/Communism, that form of government supported by, and currently being implemented by secular liberal ilk, such has Baxter and Obama, have no use for any individual liberties and any interest in compromise.  They wish to transfer control of all rights and production to the government.  The failure of religious liberals to understand this basic and obvious fact, is now...coming home to roost.


terry said...

I am not sure Jim " religious freedom" really means "the right to force my employees to follow my religion"
Do I have to pay tax money to support the death penalty hey! it's against my religion.
My religion, is not under attack by Obama Jim as much as you want to think it is to again make him a one term President which by the way is your right.
But to make up an argument that doesn't pass the laugh test is crazy.
Read above Religious freedom is the right to worship not impose my religious beliefs in the health care that I might provide my employees.

Baxter said...

What ridiculous pap, Doc! Obama and the Democrats say they want to compromise, while Boehner and Cantor avoid even using the word. "i'll cooperate but I won't compromise," said the speaker.

I'm all for social justice and religious liberty and do not see a problem reconciling the two.

The socialism/communism label is hysterical.

The Democrats and yours truly have traditionally been the champion of individual liberties. I tried to remind you of that as your president was issuing illegal warrantless wiretaps and torturing prisoners that had not been convicted of anything (Bush can no longer safely travel to Europe for fear of arrest).

I don't know anyone that wants to shift the means of production to he government. This is a straw man, hysterical argument. As Terry said, it doesn't pass the laugh test.