Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Your next

Baxter writes:  The Obama Administration needs to take a lesson from the Susan G Komen Foundation and quickly retreat from their policy position on contraceptive coverage. While it may please the base and even women in the middle, it is a net political loser.

As you and your, seemingly gladly, give away our basic rights to individual liberty but before the day comes when you realize they are gone, one hopes you will take a moment to just consider...just for a moment...that your belief system requires the government to control our lives, benevolent or not.

Conservatives have loudly argued that the imposition of national health care, transfers to the government the care of our persons...places them in control.  We have argued that there will be "death panels" and heard you scream about the alarmist words.

OK, then how about the mandate of coverage against religious beliefs?  Withdrawn or not, it was there, it, and something like it will come again. 

Under the umbrella of health care, what part of our life and our rights are safe?

You think we are alarmists, we think you must have never examined the Soviet Union.

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Baxter said...

I've not given away any basic rights or individual liberty. This is a hollow point, absent substance, brought up by Tea Partiers. I simply ask, how so?

My belief system does not require the government to control my life. Again, how so?

The "imposition" of national health care? Obamacare simply establishes rules that are more friendly to consumers and promote universal coverage. The doctors, hospitals and insurance companies will still be running the system - not government.

There is not and was not a mandate of coverage against religious beliefs. The church wanted - and received - a special exemption concerning businesses that they own. If Jim Ganem owns a widget company and the Catholic church owns another, you will operate under different rules. They will have a special exemption, you won't. Politically, that suits me fine. Logically? Not so much.

Our rights are entirely safe under the umbrella of Obama's health care system. Its just that more people will have access to the system and will be healthier as we exercise our rights.

The cries and complaints of the right wing grow more desperate as they are losing the argument.