Thursday, March 29, 2012

Apple and Arizona

No one will ever truly know why Apple decided to build a new plant in Texas, and not in Arizona employing 1300 people, but here is my guess.
The publicity this state gets with Sheriff Joe " the toughest sheriff in America" the law you can carry guns into bars, "heads on the border " Governor Brewer, and of course the " right to work" policy that wins every job contest OH! except this one.
What happened don't those corporations know about our " right to work " laws.
Boeing did that is why they moved to North Carolina, and according to everyone in the know that trumps everything, well I guess not, other things matter. Like sanity!

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Baxter said...

The University of Texas is an excellent institution, and I suspect that gave Austin the upper hand in landing Apple.

That said, the business community hates the Sheriff Joe and Governor Brewer stuff just as much as they hated our reputation when Mecham was in the headlines. Lets face it - it's bad for business.