Monday, March 5, 2012

Boy Rush messed up.

Rush Limbaugh, who I listen to many days, really messed up. 

This stupid woman, who had the audacity to ask, whine, sorry... "bitch" that she needed her birth control paid for because it was just too expensive, started the most important conversation we can engender if we are to save ourselves from becoming Greece.  What should society pay for?

That, even my Liberal brethren must agree, is the crux of the matter of what in large part separates us.

So to be clear, my best answer is not much....or as little as possible...what ever ones finds most palatable.  Should we have one group pay for another?  Is that your answer? 

Now we are not going to agree on this, Terry for instance, is a unabashed liberal who never wants to refuse anyone anything, but we can disagree and argue would lose.

Most voters realize that we are going broke promising more than we have, in fact we are giving to this generation benefits not from others (the rich) but from future generations ($15 trillion, debt = 100% GDP)

But Rush, who is funny, but gives himself more credit for political analysis than he deserves  (has not mentioned that...hey, as we have discussed Sanatorium's religion...who benefited most...Romney!)  really screwed up by changing this important discussion to...slut.   F-ck...were were on the verge of an important discussion of what society should pay for and now we are...see below....which has nothing to do with the topic of concern....shit.


The Republican crusade to limit access to birth control for women across the country took an ugly turn last week. As our Republican colleagues continued their effort to extend the reach of the government into the bedroom, most of them stood silently by while one of their favorite radio personalities launched a despicable, sexually charged attack on a respectable young woman. If this is what passes for family values in Republican circles these days, things in the Grand Ol' Party have indeed come to a sorry pass.

It is a certainty that their efforts, if successful, will have a damaging effect on women's health. Make no mistake -- though the headlines have been about birth control, the issue here is women's health.
Birth control is directly and undeniably related to women's health. Birth control protects women from the risk of bearing children before they are ready. Birth control helps to ensure that women do not bear too many children or bear children too soon after their last pregnancy. Birth control is used to relieve symptoms of endometriosis, regulate a cycle, reduce acne, relieve symptoms of depression, reduce migraines, treat polycystic ovary condition, alleviate anemia, and even reduce the risk of some cancers.


Baxter said...

Providing birth control as part of a basic health care package saves the insurer money, as Secretary Sebelius pointed out. The costs associated with pregnancy and childbirth are far greater.

At issue is/was whether organizations that are philosophically opposed to contraceptives should be required to provide them in a basic healthcare plan.

Rush, who never debates, only lectures, finally crossed the line unambiguously. I hope and expect that the Democrats will bring him up over and over during this election cycle. He is the true face of today's Republican Party.

terry said...

The debate in the good Doc's question is what should the government provide and not provide? I assume the government grants and aid to the medical schools which doc attended are okay? Right!