Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I believe the debates will just reaffirm one's choice of President. The one's who support Romney will say he won and the one's who support Obama will say he won.
 Much like your choice of which news broadcast you watch CNN or Fox it just confirm your position of being " correct".
The debates are really for the undecided the truly undecided and therefore important in a close election.
 Romney's task will be  to erase the impression that he is a clue-less rich guy, a heartless hard line guy, and Obama will have to erase the impression as incompetent leader, a socialist at heart, that wants to fundamentally change America to a socialist country.
 Both will have to show their cards on how to get America's economy going at some reasonable rate.
But under debate rules they have to do so in under two minutes which is ridiculous.
 If we choose the most important position in America under this format shame on us!


Baxter said...

Romney has nothing to lose and he is running out of time. However, I don't know what he can do except look for an opening. He looks presidential and he can be likeable for 90 minutes. The problem is that he is a phony. He had to marry the far right GOP base to get the nomination, but in his heart he is a moderate.

Obama remains the clear favorite but I think Romney is awfully close for a guy that had such a bad summer.

Baxter said...

By the way - the CBO says we will have $9 trillion of deficits over the next ten years if the Bush tax cuts are made permanent. The deficit will actually drop $5.2 trillion - to $3.8T - if we let his reckless tax cuts expire. Bonus? The 47% of Americans that don't pay income taxes will be reduced to 30%. How can Republicans oppose the expiration of those ridiculously expensive tax cuts?