Saturday, October 13, 2012


We have no threat from Iran but of course the Hawks of the Republican party  are squaking again. Are we ready for more war, more sacrifice and more division.
 Didn't Iraq tell us anything about real or imagined threats. We have no threat from Iran let me repeat that WE have no threat from Iran. We can't be a real true leader without respect for morality, justice and equality.
 Have not the last TEN years of useless war not taught us anything. Let's hope we can someday be the nation that really seeks peace, not power. No more money for defense or is it offense I forgot.

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Baxter said...

And Romney wants to raise defense spending $2 trillion over the next ten years, but he doesn't want to add a new dime of revenue to pay for it.

Though both parties agree that Bush was a total failure, the GOP doesn't acknowledge that his tax policies were among his worst shortcomings. Romney is set to repeat all of the same mistakes.