Saturday, December 15, 2012


I'm sick of the NRA and their sophomoric rant "guns don't kill people, people kill people". Who can't see the fallacy in that is an idiot.
 YES guns do kill that's what they do.
That's what they are made to do kill!
 I'm mad I have to put up with children being killed, parents having to identify their dead kids. Imagine for just a minute! close your eyes and think if that was your 5 year old daughter or 7 year old son, really close your eyes imagine, keep them closed for a full minute and put yourself right there, right now, and then open your eyes and say well there is nothing we can do?
 BS_____ There is something we can do. There must be something we can do. If we can have 50 "guards" at our airports to search grandma's and grandpa's reassign them to schools in this country. This crazy over reaction to plane safety, simply guard the cock pit door, stop the nonsense looking at us the passengers. That horse is out of that barn.
 Guard our children from us, this cannot happen again.  There is 40 grandparents, 40 parents who will live this pain for the next 40 years, holidays will never be the same, birthdays painful events, those people and their friends are living in hell for the rest of their lives.
 NRA  I am sick of your no compromise attitude, put marshals at gun shows, put people thru rigorous exams to own guns. You must do something the pain is just too great.
 I called each of my six grandchildren today and told them I love them and how precious they are. I wish their was more I could do.
Let's end this nightmare of guns.


Baxter said...

I wish something could be done, Terry, but the Democrats will be very foolish to try. The GOP took back Congress in 1994 in part due to Clinton's assault weapons ban. The NRA is a large, grass roots organization and it's members vote. Meaningful gun control is not obtainable. Why waste political capital tilting at windmills?

Jim G. said...

Terry, young deranged men (who seems to be the new "shooters") could bring in a bag of revolvers, a shot gun, whatever to kill so many who are defenseless.

Its not the guns Terry, its mental illness. The left, never missing an opportunity to politicize a tradegy does so again, and you, as ever drink the coolaid.

Michael Moore said the Republicans used 9/11 to install fear and justify a war. I think being afraid of a nuclear weapon is reasonable.

Someone needs to say this....don't give in to fear. This will not happen to your grand children. There are more...fatal falls, drug accidents, auto winners than have been killed in all of these tragic accidents combined.

Don't start with the "lack of compassion" crap, that is not my point My point is that some parents are now calling for armed guards in our schools. Which is not rational and establishes a level of fear which is not justified.