Sunday, July 14, 2013


What's happened to our Jury system in America? Yes it's the best in the world, I'm sick of hearing that when I see Casey Anthony, Robert Blake,  walking around and don't let me get started on OJ of course!
 Now we have "just stay in the car" Zimmerman free. What is the matter with juries now, you need eye witness's now to convict people, well that is not available people.

 Casey Anthony's baby found blocks from her house, Robert Blake's wife dead in his car, while he went back to restaurant.
 Juries found these people not guilty? I don't get it!, Juries are supposed to solve mystries thats what they do, if it was clear cut we wouldn't go to trial.

 Zimmerman is told to stay in his car, he doesn't, a 17 year old kid walking home is scared a fight breaks out, who cares who started it, you can't point the gun at the kid and tell him to stop, no you shoot him in the chest, and six ladies say well I don't know who was guilty? Really!
Who do you think killed Casey Anthony's baby, Robert Blakes wife ? Travon Martin?

 Juries now watch too much TV crap and think if I don't have the smoking gun, then I can't convict.

As John Guy so eloquently said in his closing remarks " What is that? That's not anything? Is that nothing? Is that where we are now?' Yes!  John that is where we are in America now we don't want to be involved, we don't want to take responsibility, we don't want to judge other people?
 It is sad when a kid walking home in the dark is followed, and shot to death, and nothing happens!


terry said...

wouldn't be a great world to live in if Zimmerman would have offered the kid a ride home in the rain? What
I learned is you can get a legal gun go out at night and hassle somebody and if you are getting beat up because they are better at fighting I can shoot them!

Baxter said...

You nailed it, Terry.

Hags said...

A teen is walking home in the dark and rain. A neighborhood watch dweeb follows him. Somehow they confront each other. The teen thinks it is a good idea to punch the dweeb out. He gets the dweeb down on the ground and is working him over when the dweeb shots him. Go figure.

The teen's history is that he has been suspended from school three times. His mother tosses him out of the house. He is in Sanford because she sent him to live with his father. I imagine she hopes his dad can straighten him out. His cell phone records contain talk of and pictures of guns. His texts show he likes to fight (go read them for yourself). THe weed is inconsequential.

The dweeb made bad choices. The teen decide to make him pay. The dweeb had a gun.

I have not heard one commentator speak to the fact that the teen played an important role in his death. But he did.

I'm sorry the kid got shot. But he shares responsibility for his death. Had there been no punches, there would have been no shot. The kid was 100 yards from where his father was staying. All he had to do was go there. He had the time and the opportunity to do so, but he chose otherwise. Bad choice. Bad outcome. Too bad he didn't chose the safe, non-violent option.


Baxter said...

I agree with Hags take on what happened and I agree that Trayvon shares responsibility for his death, though the lions share of the blame goes to Zimmerman.

I think that GZ provoked Martin with the confidence and attitude provided by the concealed weapon. If the gun had been conspicuous, Trayvon would have certainly responded differently than he did. If there had not been a gun, Zimmerman would never have bothered him in the first place.

The Florida law - largely written by ALEC and the NRA - is faulty in that it allows for easily obtained concealed carry permits. Further, if one provokes a fight while armed, they should be criminally liable if they use the weapon, even in self defense.

I hope that the Martin family pursues a wrongful death action against Zimmerman. I think it would be wrong for the Feds to file civil rights charges. There was a fair criminal trial and the results need to be respected.