Tuesday, July 16, 2013

So the Filibuster Survives (Kinda)

I have been consistently opposed to the Filibuster rule for 30+ years. I thought the anti-democratic rule that our founders never contemplated would have died by now, but it remains in place in a terminally weakened state. Harry Reid will have all of the executive appointments approved by the Senate after two Labor Relations Board candidates are replaced by (Big-Labor approved) replacement candidates. I was disappointed that we didn't see the "nuclear option" imposed.

There will soon be judicial appointments that Mitch McConnell is expected to oppose. If more than one is Filibustered, I expect that we will be right back against the nuclear option. Perhaps, Reid's brush back pitch will have worked and the GOP will wisely provide the few votes necessary to avoid such a conflict. I do not believe this Senate will tolerate further obstruction this term. It's over until January of 2015, at which point I do not believe the GOP will need to Filibuster. They will have the votes to block things the democratic way - control of the body.

Does anyone believe that a GOP-controlled Senate will brook a meaningful Filibuster with a Republican president in office? The majority now has the ability and temperament to go nuclear. Any future Filibusters concerning appointments will need to truly be extraordinary. In fact, legislative Filibusters will not last long the next time that the Senate, the House and the White House are held by the same party. It simply will not be tolerated. I think that is good news for all of us.

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