Saturday, July 31, 2010

Tiffany! Give me the sparkle eye shadow, I want to look hot tonight. Do you think this skirt is short enough?

Ammberrr, if that skirt was any shorter you could see magnet. Baby you look sooo hot.

Hey Tiff, what is a BBV? Daddy gave me a new plasma TV and I was trying to find MTV's sluts on parade but got the spelling all mixed up. There was this awful channel, MSNBC, where this chick was talking about BBV. I'm not sure if she was hot, she had sexy lips and everything, but kind of reminded me of a boy. Anyway, I thought they were talking about a new sexy underwear but then they started talking about...a tree I I remember, they were talking about some Bush thing and a deficit and title mints. It made my head hurt. What is a deficit? What do title mints taste like? Do you have any gum?

Ammy beary baby, like don't you know, like who are Presidents are? Let me use that eye shadow, you DO look hot. Anyway, my boyfriend, well OK, we just met last night, but I think we are like sooo connected, is really smart, he even has to wear a tie when he works behind the counter at Radio Shack, was telling me that our government is spending way too much money, and these people who like to party with tea, boorring!, are mad and want us to quit spending soo much. Kind of like when Daddy takes away the credit card.

No way Tiff! I hate when Daddy does that, I'm not going to their party, I don't even like tea. How can anyone live without a credit card?

Chill Ammser, see my boyfriend said that everything was going great, like in 2007 the credit card balance was like way low then there was this bank thing, I don't really understand it but they had to throw a TARP over it to save it...I guess it was raining, I hate it when it rains, it makes my hair frizzy. Sooo...Anywaay...even after they saved the banks, they kept just kept spending money and like, they are spending sooo much money that our kids, kids, will be broke.

Tiffer, that is like stupid, anyone knows you just can't keep spending money. Daddy showed me on the credit care bill where there is this limit thing. He got mad at me because I kept going over the limit, I was sooo mad when he cut up the card, but now I'm kind of glad you know. Tif, remember when I was trying to get that job at Hooters? Surprise I got it! Last week I made like a gob of tips and, and...I BOUGHT THIS DRESS ON MY OWN!

Amber! Hugs and kisses! Don't you just love those Hooter outfits, they a just sooo...sheik, I would work there except orange is not my color. Baby let's celebrate! Honey you just set aside enough for good old Uncle Sam and your tax bill and we will rock this town.

Tiffy...what are taxes?


Baxter said...

I think you meant "chic", not sheik.

So far as I know, I originated BBV all on my own. I've never heard Rachel use that clever reference.

Baxter said...

I have to give credit, Doc. That is a great post!

Jim G. said...

Look Baxter or who ever you are, I dated a sheik once, I'm sure he was, he had that head thing they wear...a burkenstock? He really liked me, I mean we really made out in his back seat a lot, although I could never figure why he drove a Camero instead of a limo. We only broke up because he said his parents would never approve.