Thursday, July 22, 2010

worth repeating, little harsh but...necessary.

The Judge is an idiot.

First of all:

"I do not pretend to have any expertise in affairs of state, foreign or domestic."

No, you don't, in fact you do not have a clue. It takes but a small clue to determine that we were attacked resulting in mass causalities and continue to be attacked. You are stupid (sorry for the meanness, but enough is enough) because you cannot comprehend that a small band of lunatics can, in a lawless country ruled by religious fanatics, cause irreparable harm and must be addressed and solved or conquered. Even your stupid messiah has learned that lesion. Judge, I am sure you were part of the Bush lied, thousands died crowd. Do the thousands who died on 9-11 ever give you pause? Do the thousands who will die if we do not protect our self even matter?

So you, like Crazy Rich and Bleeding Terry, want butter for guns, like they are transferable. Really? (I use really a lot because I really cannot fathom that even idiots can be this stupid)

We are not broke and those people cannot get jobs because we spend too much in the defense of our country. We are broke because your Liberal brethren have sucked all the oxygen out of the economy with a stimulus to (and here is the important part) support the vast entitlement system of our country.

To be plain Judge: The WORST thing our country could do to help that man and his daughter would be to take the money we use on national defense and transfer it to make work, short term jobs.

Your Honor, The medicine we need to take is harsh and I ask for your support.

We need to:

End prolonged unemployment insurance (yes I too quiver as I write this).

Continue the Bush tax cuts

Stop the anti business bias of the Obama administration

Cut the size and scope of government

Judge, let's help that little girl, let's release the hounds of Capitalism and Entrepreneurship and a tidal wave of prosperity will wash over this country. We don't need Krugman, or Baxter or Obama to manage our success, we can get there on our own.

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Baxter said...

How can a Brilliant Bush Voter offer any meaningful advice on capitalism or the successful implementation thereof? Today's GOP + Tea Party know nothing about business, budgets or a modern economy. They represent ignorance with attitude run amok. Worth repeating:

Clinton = 20 million jobs + surpluses after inheriting a deficit
Bush = 1 million jobs + massive deficits after inheriting a surplus
Obama = Job growth and economic growth after inheriting GDP declining 6.5% and 700K job losses per month

The Good Doc's advocacy of Bush tax cuts extension reveals his phony concern for deficits. Apparently, he agrees with Cheney; "Deficits don't matter."

I, for one, think deficits matter and I am glad the adults are back in charge. Onward Obama!