Friday, December 10, 2010


It surely is not Unions, Welfare or Social Justice


Eric Martin said...

Why not? 40 Hour work week. Building codes. Medicare.

Baxter said...

You must be kidding, Jim. Eric is right and his list was abbreviated.

If you want a second Gilded Age, you will see median income drop along with life expectancy. MEDIAN is the important measurement, as the AVERAGE could expand while 98% lose ground.

Jim G. said...

Freedom baby freedom.
Really, you think all that social justice crap makes sociatal improvements?

Free people left to their own will improve their circumstances and those of others.

Baxter said...

The freedom to employ children in manufacturing? The freedom to keep kids out of school to work in the fields? The freedom to pay workers low wages and require a six day, 72 hour work week? Freedom to die in the streets for lack of basic health care?

We had that "freedom" 100 years ago. It is the progressive movement, the New Deal, and similar policies that created our huge middle class. Genuine, sustainable prosperity is not delivered by Republicans. You need only look at the last century for verification.