Thursday, December 23, 2010


Well, well, well...

Things ended up going much better than anticipated, huh? Obama looked so weak - absent leadership - just three weeks ago. It looked like he had been cowed by McConnell, the threat of Filibuster and the impending GOP House. Now, he hops on Air Force One headed to Hawaii looking like a conquering hero. Looking back at his first two years, it is hard not to be awed. We on the center and left should not second guess this guy. As Bob Shrum pointed out last night, he has earned our respect and confidence. We need to give him space and let him operate without a lot of guff. He will have plenty of battles ahead with the right and many ambitious would-be presidents.

It might be said that Obama has True Grit.

Speaking of which, I re-watched the classic on TIVO last night and this morning. What a GREAT MOVIE. Scene after scene was so compelling. I can barely talk about Little Blackie or the ending. I can't wait to see the new one with Bridges & Damon.

Happy Holidays!


Jim G. said...

If Conservatives are lucky he will keep "True Gritting" use into the White House.

The cycle is predictable, he get's his butt kicked and the press rehabilitate him.

Long way to 12 and no predictions, however it appears he is peaking too early and the economy remains sour.

Baxter said...

Paragraph 1 is silly. If election were held today, he wins bigger than last time.

Paragraph 2 is about right.

Paragraph 3 is wishful thinking on the part of the Good Doc. The peaking came in early November, and it was the conservatives and Tea Partiers who peaked.

All signs point to a significantly expanding economy in 2011. Economists - including Zandi - are getting downright giddy with their forecasts. See today's NYT. The tax cut/spending compromise came a great time.