Sunday, December 12, 2010

Swindle of the Year

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Eric Martin said...

Sorry guys, Charles agrees with me.

The only difference I have with him is the use of the word 'swindle'.

Swindle implies that the Senate Republicans are small children or senile seniors that have been hoodwinked; when in fact they are grown-ups that have shown their true colors.

They will do anything to suck up to their campaign contributors, including making a mockery of themselves and their stated positions.

The next state of the union address will include a sentence wherein the president admits that it is time to move past the 'expensive emergency measures' and toward a new era of 'fiscally responsibility.' The entire congress (except for Rand Paul and friends) will offer a standing ovation and then spend the rest of year arguing about cutting the budget of PBS.

Luckily, the fiscal stimulus will help the economy and Jim will have to send that letter of apology to Paul Krugman.

(Jim, there are Economics textbooks, old and new,that tell us what to do in the event of a 'liquidity trap.')