Sunday, September 18, 2011


Five time deferment Cheney in his new book knocks Colin Powell, and John McCain, who actually served in war time and were true American hero's. This guy has no shame and next to Robert McNamara is one of the all time America's worst. Headed up Haliburton and did not even know what they sold, and one of the most corrupt corporations in the United States.
Macho Dick served up Condaleeza as " crying" in his office, even if true it is not what a gentleman should say or worst write.
Dick Cheney book should be taken as a "supermarket tabloid" not a book written by a Vice President of the United States but what else would you expect from this a--h---.
OH! and by the way this brave American asked for and got an extension on his secret service protection after office, the only Vice President in History to do so.
Are you Afraid Dick? Oh I forgot 5 deferment Cheney your not afraid of anything. Torture, lying, and blaming everyone else is your legacy Dickie boy.

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Baxter said...

Their is irony with respect to the chicken hawks, who tend to be the most anxious to go to war. Those who have served - Powell, Gore, and Kerry for example - are much more measured in their approach.

So - the "War Party" is led by an AWOL National Guard pilot and a serial deferment jockey while the "Peace Party" ran Viet Nam veterans for the top post in 2000 and 2004.