Thursday, September 29, 2011

U.S. Rep. David Schweikert was the toast of protesters Wednesday at a meeting with his constituents in Mesa, and he didn't mind at all.
Dressed in tuxedos and top hats, members of Billionaires for Wealthcare piled out a sleek black Cadillac Escalade to "thank" Schweikert for supporting the wealthy and even attempted to give him a present during the meeting.
They ladled out the sarcasm by drinking sparking water out of wine glasses.

The seven protesters chanted such slogans as "hey, hey, ho, ho, keep the profits with the CEOs" and sang, "All we are saying is give greed a chance."
The protesters burst into the meeting while Mesa Mayor Scott Smith was speaking, shouted a few slogans and tried to give Schweikert a gift before they were ushered out by Mesa police.
But Schweikert seemed anything but upset at the protesters, who have visited him at other constituent meetings in Fountain Hills and elsewhere.
"It actually amuses me. You have to give them credit for trying to be funny," Schweikert said before he outlined problems with the national debt in a slide presentation.
"I think it's great. It helps me tell the story of how out of touch" the protesters are on the Medicare issue, he said.
Schweikert added that he believes the protesters represent the extreme liberal fringe and upset moderate Democrats who want an honest dialogue about Medicare funding.
But protester Barbara Njos said she joined the protesters to spotlight Schweikert's positions on Medicare and other issues.
"I care about the middle class. I think I might be losing middle-class status sometime soon," she said. "It's because I care about people."

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Baxter said...

God bless David. He means well, but he is handicapped by his caucus. He would be among the first to tell you that Washington DC is utterly broken.