Saturday, September 24, 2011


I have a brother who is broke. He is not just broke, he is in debt! I know if I give him money he will spend it foolishly on cigarettes and booze, and not pay down his debt or look for meaningful work. I'm torn on what to do. Do I help him get a job that can help him out of debt and therefore help his family who is suffering also by no fault of their own. Do I send him money and put restrictions on what he can spend it on? A job won't work because he doesn't have the necessary school work, necessary tools to survive in the work force.
What is the right thing to do? I love my brother.
Tough Love you say! Really let him sleep under a bridge. I think not!
America is my brother! I love America, and if I have to sacrifice to have a better America, count me in! Those men who went to fight WW1 and WW2 did so for all of us, that was a generation that thought of others first.
Sadly that is not the Americans I see enough of today.
The don't tax me cowardly hides behind the " wasteful government mantra" Why don't they just come out and say the truth " I'm all about ME ME Me." Don't tax me I pay enough already, how much is too much to a country that has provided you and your parents with more than any country on earth has.
So what if someone in this country is getting food stamps and assistance REALLY!
Whine! because I'm pulling on the rope more than the others.
Thank God it isn't you.
We are in a hole, stop worrying about who dug it, who is to blame, whose not shoveling, start shoveling and get out of the hole, and that means all of us those with big shovels (rich) and those with small shovels (middle class) work together and help our fellow Americans.
If you truly love America and don't care who gets credit for turning this economy around you will know what the right thing to do is.
I'm sending a check to my brother today and few names of people who are hiring, and I'm hoping he gets things right this time.

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Jim G. said...


Your brother Terry (I'm assuming your "brother" is a figure of speech), made choices, he will not be helped by a short term fix.

He certainly will not be helped by confiscating our money via taxes and spending it on him, when he has not been helped otherwise.

But...Terry...let's talk about brothers. Our brothers, our society will be best helped by each caring for their own responsibility and are hurt when they do not. So if we, like Jesus, understand our responsibility to first care for ourselves, we will have less troubled brothers.

You want less troubled brothers don't you Terry?