Monday, September 19, 2011

Today our President declared war

He declared war on the Speaker, on the Republican and unfortunately the American people.
In a forceful speech, which finally demonstrated his stones, he outlined his ideas to reconcile our budget.

He plans to do so by increased central planning and increased taxes on a small portion of our population.

Mr. President:

The rich already pay the vast majority of taxes, now you want them to pay more?  This is a good thing?

The rich already pay a higher percentage of their Income Taxes.

You are being disingenuous by talking about a lower tax rate for hedge fund managers who pay a lower capital gains rate. 
You are just flat lying by ignoring that the possible rate of return of their investment is zero (loss). 
You are, as always, being stupid by acting as if an economy which is starved for activity, will be better server by taxing capital gains at a higher rate. 
You are being a central planner by calling for increased investment in the same speech that you called (apparently) for increased capital gains tax, logically implying that you want the government to do the investing.

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Baxter said...

We need a lot more revenue - 50% more, and that will require higher taxes, especially from the "rich". It will benefit everyone, including the affluent. The "high tax" years of Bill Clinton were far better for everyone - including the gentry - than were the low tax Bush years.

The "lowest taxes in the western industrialized world" model is not working. It's rather obvious.