Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Baxter..first bold. Terry...second. Eric...all things always.

As for the 7.8% across-the-board sequester in domestic programs, this may be the only way to begin cutting a government that has grown by $600 billion in three years.

Much of the world, and especially the press corps, will look at this failure and wail about the "dysfunction" in Washington. And it is pathetic that Congress couldn't agree to cut even a single dime from the projected $45 trillion in spending over 10 years. But this is the product of divided government and a clash of political visions. Unlike Bill Clinton in 1996, President Obama is unbowed by his party's defeat in 2010 and is determined to reclaim his mandate to expand government next year.

Democrats are confident they can blame Republicans for the failure and ride their president's class war campaign to victory. Republicans have to counter with a message of economic growth and sensible reforms of our government institutions so the U.S. doesn't end up like Europe.

This is for voters to decide. Let's have it out.


terry said...

The super Committee should resign from Congress. They were charged with finding a solution to the debt. If you were CEO of a corporation and you asked a few of your employees to work out a problem and they came back and said they can't, they would be fired. Americans find a way, a solution a compromise, an answer. Sorry boy's and girls the honorable thing to do is resign from your office you have failed America all of you.

Baxter said...

I agree with most of what the author said. I look forward to the next election.

Remember - it is the president and the Dems that wanted to "go big", reducing the deficit $3T - $4T more rather than merely $1.2T. It was the Republicans who blanched at such large numbers, thanks to the heavy breathing of Grover Norquist.