Sunday, November 20, 2011

Congress approval rating is what?

The top 1% of Americans possess a greater net worth than the entire bottom 90% !!!!
But yet let's not tax these job makers, because they create wealth, on it's face that doesn't make sense. They got the Busch tax cuts in a way promising more jobs, that did not happen. As Baxter says it doesn't matter what the taxes are Jim will complain they are too high. It would be easier to explain this gulf between the haves and have nots if it was intelligence, but the reality is it is about generational wealth accumulation. It's about mergers, that do not benefit anyone but the shareholders, certainly not the customer. It's about financial instruments that produce nothing but roving casino's. It's about laws so poorly written, that financial institutions, can run around them like stone statues.
We can't solve the inequality unless we give the poor and working class kids in this country a better educational opportunity, and show them that education is the way out of poverty. That means better schools, better books, better teachers, better computers, who is going to do that?
The job creators who are in a race to the bottom on wages for American workers?
Can't this Congress at least agree on this, we need better schools, higher wages to attract teachers. That's what we would do to attract business's. The approval rating for Congress is about 9%, I would want to pass something that shows they care about working Americans

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