Friday, November 11, 2011

Fight On, State!

When this stuff happens, it scares me for the game. In the ivory towers of academia there are those who do not like football as it is and would like to see their schools go the way of the Ivy League or worse, the University of Chicago. That isn't imminent, but I hate to give such folks a piece of the sweater to pull on.

It should be pointed out that Paterno & McQueary both followed the letter of the law. Any punishment they receive (and I am glad they were fired) will be for not going above and beyond the requirements of the law. We agree that they had a moral duty to do so, but lets address laws if needed rather than further damaging a program that will be paying for this over and over - on and off the field - for years. Apart from the perpetrator, only two others have been charged by prosecutors thus far. That would be 3 bad guys, and 7 billion others on this little blue dot.

The 125 players of PSU have done nothing wrong, neither have (upcoming opponents) Nebraska, Ohio State or Wisconsin kids, nor have the schools that are competing with said four schools for the two spots in the championship game. The student athletes, student bodies and fan base of the B1G would all be punished and for what purpose? What would be solved? One pedophile and a half dozen cowards should damage the pocketbooks of eleven innocent schools, a great conference, and the joy of millions? Really?


terry said...

Baxter, I disagree! There is not a law that says I can't blow my nose in your shirt while you and I are shopping in the same store. I don't do it because it is simply wrong. When someone OBSERVES a child pushed up against wall and a male figure up against them IN A SHOWER, the appropiate response is to get that person away from the child immediatly and protect the child. Laws can't cover everything. It is not law that should govern our behavior, but knowing what's right and wrong should govern our behavior. Wall street maybe did not break the law but they knew they were not doing the right thing. Protect a child, in a store when you see a mom hitting a child in the face, jerking them around like dogs, you must confront that parent immediatly and then report. It's simply the right thing to do. Paterno should not only have been fired but hopefully be sued, if that was one of his grandchildren, he would have done more than report it to the AD.

Baxter said...

Terry -

I'm not suggesting that Joe Pa or his graduate assistant acted correctly. I'm glad that Joe was fired and MM placed on leave. They will need to answer the civil suits that are sure to come.

I'm saying that the team should not be punished. The 125 kids on the squad have done nothing wrong. The loyal fan base doesn't deserve to lose the season. The teams they are scheduled to play are counting on them to show up. Say "No" to collective punishment.