Monday, November 28, 2011

Bye-Bye, Barney!

If you are wondering if the Dems expect to re-take the House, wonder no longer. Barney's decision tells all.

Bye-bye, Barney! Can Nancy be far behind?

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Baxter said...

Chris Matthews said something like, "Barney Frank is leaving and Newt is rising in the polls. What a country?!"

Barney has grown accustomed to a very safe seat. He won by ten points in the GOP wave last year. It seems like he is old (71) and would rather not run in what could be a tough race thanks to redistricting.

Is this a tell for 2012? Could be - it's still pretty early. The Dems should pick up House seats, but will it be enough? The GOP is poised to pick up the Senate, but a lopsided loss at the top of the ticket could hurt their chances.

A Tea Party/Third Party presidential candidacy would re-elect Obama but would also bring more conservative voters to the polls. With GOP reinforcements in the next Congress, it could make the current stalemate look like a walk in the park.

It will be an interesting year!