Saturday, June 9, 2012

He is going to hope

Obama is heading for a landslide defeat.

He will not let go of his Liberal/Socialist views, will not despite a mountain of evidence they are failing.  Despite a growing discontent of voters, including his base. 

His ridiculous class warfare argument is drawing fire from even within his own party.  He and his views have been trounced at every election since he became President.

Listening to even a little political news, the obvious question is why?  Why not moderate just a little?  Talk about easy, if he was even just a little more pro business, pro capitalism, man things would fall right into his lap.

Then this writer had his Eureka moment. 

He will, he is going to moderate...triangulate, fire his core staff and reintroduce himself as....Obama the moderate. 

Bet's available, any takers?

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Baxter said...

Obama is about as radical as a 1970's Republican. The hyperbole of those on the right these days is laughable.

The president is still up in the polls, though I expect Romney will take a lead this summer. President Obama - far superior to either Bush or Reagan - will regain the lead after the conventions and win decisively in November.