Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imagine That! The Dems Raised Taxes

Pelosi famously said that we have to pass the bill to find out what is in it, and now we know.  Taxes!

Do you remember that our President, the Senate Leader and the then-Speaker all assured us that they were not raising taxes and that they would in fact lower medical costs.  It turns out that the Court, which apparently did "find out what is in it" found taxes.  Translation: Obama, Reid and Pelosi lied.

Shocking, isn't it!

There is absolutely no evidence that costs are coming down or that they will go down.  The federal government is not well known for its cost effectiveness, and with its takeover of the health care delivery system it is only going to get worse.

My hope is that the Republicans will take this issue and run with it.  I trust the markets much more than the Feds, and I think that is a majority view.  If Obamacare stands costs will continue to rise and individual choice will be significantly constrained.

Vote the liars out.




Baxter said...

The tax that Roberts refers to is the penalty for those who do not buy insurance - the "free riders". Its the same tax that Romney imposed in 2006. Fortunately, we have video of Mitt strongly defending the tax requiring that individuals take personal responsibility. He said it is imperative to keep healthcare costs down for the rest of us.

The government will not be running the healthcare system, it will merely set the rules. Cost shifting will decrease, coverage will expand and the per unit cost will go down.

We need a government option to put price pressure on the insurers. That will come as Obamacare is improved. The camels nose is now under the tent.

Jim G. said...

no, what will happen is that an even larger portion of the population will now think that their heath care is free, will no longer be interested in any cost containment.

The lack of courage of our elected officials is amazing. Either I (patient) can be in control the cost of my health care, or someone else, and it has now terminally shifted to the government.

Hags, you are right but it is going to be worse than imagined.

You are right oblivious one...the Camels nose, the one who can, via heath care and its mandates control our freedom, is now firmly under the tent.

Hope they don't legislate your future diet.

Lastly, this is a huge victory for Conservatives.

The TEA party arises again! If it had been voted down Obama would have been safe, now he has no where to hide.

Baxter said...

I hope and expect that our healthcare system will offer discounts for people with healthy behavior. Smokers, recreational drug users and the obese should pay more as they cost more to care for.

Perhaps, Pharma will discover a pill that can make men taller. Think of all the "attitude" that would be drained from the system.

Just as Spinal Tap's speaker volume goes to 11, so too does Tea Party enthusiasm. They were showing up and voting anyway. Fortunately, they are outnumbered.