Tuesday, June 26, 2012


I'm in the writing mode so hang on. The unfortunate thing about this coming election is that both sides will not examine their rigid ideas. For Mitt evry problem will be solved with lower taxes for the so called "job creators". For Obama it's all about the social programs for his liberal base. For me someone who voted " the hope" it's disappointing. Obama wasted his election on a compromised health care bill that no one likes really. A strong case should have been made for a single payer minimal coverage with a tiered system where people can buy into special premium coverage, a guest worker program no citizenship for hard working immigrants who don't break the law while here, but these of course need compromise, and when you have a Republican party that says our goal is a one term President, what do you expect? If I took a job and a co-worker told me on day 1 his goal was to see me get fired, I would ask why work this person?
A third choice/? But who does a write in hurt the Most? Let me Know? 

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Baxter said...

Vote for Obama, Terry. He has done an excellent job in the face of ignorance and anger. You need to vote Democratic until the Republican Party returns to rationality.