Friday, September 24, 2010

Political Wisdom ??????-

I have always been told the Democrats favor Unions and trial lawyers, and the Republicans favor Energy companies, and Big Business.
Well in reading " Overhaul" by Steven Rattner the inside story of the Auto Industry. Mr. Rattner appointed by Obama to straighten out the the auto industry there is some interesting quotes and decisions that were made.
1 At one point Rahm Emanuel the Presidents chief of staff exclaims F-- the UAW.
2 Although union leaders wanted a direct cash payment they were forced to take stock in the companies they had helped sink.
Does not sound to me like the Democrats cow towed to the unions.
Mr. Rattner says the bailout remains unpopular and believes the 82 million will be re payed to the government but we avoided a a " major economic calamity in the industrial midwest and kept the national economy from spiraling from deep depression to outright depression"

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