Monday, September 6, 2010

The Stimulus Worked - Will it Matter in November?

It has become empirically clear that the Stimulus Plan worked. However, we were in such a deep hole 18 months ago that things still look bleak after a great deal of progress digging out. Can the Democrats communicate this effectively? Will our famously fickle electorate listen, or do they simply want to register dissatisfaction with the status quo? We will see in less than two months.

A few friendly reminders:

We were losing 750,000+ jobs per month when Obama took the oath of office. Under Obama's leadership, we have grown private sector jobs for the past eight months, uninterrupted.

The economy was dropping over 6% per annum in January, 2009. Thanks to our Democratic monopoly on power, growth returned and improved it's rate of growth over 10 points in 2009. Growth continues in 2010, though it has slowed as the GOP has successfully fought Democratic remedies to our myriad economic maladies.

The budget deficit peaked in FY2009 under the Bush Administration's last budget ($1.3T) and Obama's supplemental ($400B) and will decrease in FY2010, the Obama Administration's first fiscal year. The deficit is projected by OMB to markedly decline in 2011 and 2012, to less than half of the deficit inherited from George W Bush.

Hopefully, word will get around and voters will make thoughtful and informed decisions on November 2nd.


Jim G. said...

the stimulus was wasted money, so is the time and effort spent on the health care scheme.

voters are rightly mad and going to take it out on the Democrats.

and as has been stated by this blogger many times...attacking the successful is counter productive.

you and you liberal kind, like mr special K speak gibberish and it has been exposed for the fraud it truly is.

Baxter said...

Welcome back, Doc!