Monday, September 13, 2010

small little problem

It is my understanding that our great country has a total debt of around 100 trillion, this would include pensions, SS, Medicare, Medicade and other obligations...well the entire world money, meaning take every dime of the entire world which is about 60 trillion and there is not enough money on a global basis to pay off what we owe. now that is or should be scary


Anonymous said...

I've got to chime in.

100 Trillion Dollars really does sound like a lot of money!

Somewhere I heard that the 'notional' value of all the world's credit default swaps was $65 Trillion Dollars. That also sounds like a lot of money.

I wonder what will happen next?

Will Tim Tebow be used for something other than a decoy? Will the Padres just keep losing? And why is Alabama so good?

I'm at a loss....

terry said...

Well I am glad to see you are so concerned about the debt, so let's get behind ending the Bush Tax Cuts which you can tell has worked so well for the country. If you Republican small goverment guys are so WORRIED about the debt, this should be a drop dead issue. Trickle down never worked for Reagan who raised taxes by the way and left goverment bigger which seems to be forgotten by the right. Oh I could go on and on!

Baxter said...

Al - You are adding up apples, oranges and pears. Your numbers have no meaning. Now that I have piggybacked Eric's point, I'll do the same with Terry's. You keep wanting to cut taxes - still, today - with all we know and the liabilities you overstated. And... you want to cut taxes!?