Monday, September 13, 2010


Joe Wilson the famous " You Lie" man shocked our nation by breaking decades of decorum and yelling at the commander-in-chief during a joint session of Congress. First he refused to apologize publicly, and then he began raising money off of his embarrassing behavior.

In the year since, not much from Joe has changed. From his childish outburst to inserting lobbyists' words in the Congressional Record as his own, to an ethics investigation over more than $100,000 and 30 taxpayer-funded trips, Joe Wilson represents everything that is wrong with Washington today.

If you ask Joe, none of this is his fault.

He doesn't think that his shouting at the president was wrong; he prides himself on it. Joe doesn't see the problem with lobbyists ghostwriting for him.

And Joe doesn't think that his ethics investigation is about being responsible with your money; he thinks that a nonpartisan commission co-chaired by George W. Bush's choice to head the CIA is on a political witch hunt.

Earning a congressional reprimand, getting in bed with lobbyists, and coming under investigation has left Joe without a leg to stand on. He's the poster boy for Washington insiders and a broken Congress.

Wilson can start by having the courage to do what's right and come clean about how much per diem money he's pocketed. Every tax dollar is precious, and Wilson should return every penny that he stole from us. But, Joe has never had the courage to do what is right. Just another hypocrite from the right. Since Joe joined Congress in 2001 he has cost taxpayers about $100,000.00 including $38,000.00 in stolen per diem money for lodging and meals not counting taxpayer funds to cover US Airforce planes to transport him around to buy trinkets. 30 trips in 8 years Joe who lied now?

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