Thursday, September 16, 2010

The TEA party and the lies

Often opined by me, the Liberals (Socialists) need to lie about Conservatives, the Conservatives need no such adjustment.

Taxed Enough Already.  Not much there about racism, in fact the movement is based on fiscal responsibility.  This pledge of responsibility seems to strike fear in the Progressives (Socialists) to such an extent that they must exagerate (lie) about "racism" in the TEA party movement.

Now the movement is winning big, the big deal in voters minds, now, right now, focused like a laser, is fiscal responsibility, less spending, less government, less taxes, pretty much what has been found to be what is truly important after we have suffered Obama's recession and many have been afflicted with Obamaitis.  We can agrue all we wish about abortion and stem cell research but what really matters, right now, with this crazy administration, is its spending us into oblivion.

The Socialists?  They continue to have their heads in the sand.  The debt?  The bond Ghouls.  Taxes?  The rich won't mind.  Unemployment?  The new normal.  Entitlement reform?  Let's get some votes!

If, and yes it is a big if, the TEA party candidates sweep, wow...and the thing is that the "O" does not appear to be a triangulator, I think he sticks to his guns as the boat sinks.

Much to observe going forward.


Baxter said...

Taxed Enough Already? We have the lowest taxes in the western industrialized world, the lowest relative federal tax receipts since the 1940's and a huge deficit. And we're taxed enough already? Really?

The movement is not based on fiscal responsibility - quite the contrary. Their leadership, including Dick Armey, own much of the blame for the Bush years and the $10T of debt he left behind.

As Bill Maher says, the Tea Partiers want their money for nothing and their chicks for free.

Eric Martin said...

Fascists always refer to the other guys as Socialists. It is a dead give away.

terry said...

The " Big Angry Tent" where were they when Bush spent, spent, spent?
That's why not much credibility.