Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Quayle was right

Honestly how can anyone not think that this disaster of an economy, the Obama command and control economy is on the right path?  He is the worst ever!

Our friend Terry, who thinks with emotion, speaks out against the corporate man.  Hey Terry, who you going to go to, to get a job?  Ghostbusters?

And Dear Bloggers, please observe, as the failed policies continue...the response...LET'S DOUBLE DOWN!

A couple of things,  the tax increases on the "rich".  Ok Liberal brethern, so who does better with a Billion, Gates or Charlie Rangel?  Honestly how do you not get the logic that private always beats public.

And Old Blumenthal, he, when asked how to create a job, fell over himself, crediting the need for government help.  Really?  Give me the wrestling chick anytime.

And lastly, old Eric, he with the sharp pen, writes that Facists always call Liberals Socialists.  And Mr. Baxter bitches that the TEA party won't pony up with sacrifices as they scream for spending reductions.

Boys, three sitting Republican Senators were thrown out by their own party.  We scream for leadership, yet are burned time after time.   Now we actually have a movement who...WANTS FISCAL SANITY! and you accuse them of racism for a lack of a better objection.  Rand Paul is talking about entitlements, Miller is talkiing about unemployment benefits.  What exactly do you liberals want?

Do you not see the end of your wants will be a entitlement society?  Do you not see that such a society, by definition, will restrict our freedoms?


Baxter said...

What a ridiculous post, Doc. Our economy is in far better shape than when Obama arrived. You may have noticed we are not shedding 700,000+ jobs a month. We have three vital American car manufacturers. The deficit is coming down. All this in a little over a year and a half. Of course we want to double down!

Reminder: Obama remains more popular than Reagan or Clinton at this point in their presidencies.

Anonymous said...

See, now this is why I don't drink coffee.