Saturday, October 16, 2010

RUSH:  The Republicans are going to win big the House of Representatives. I think that's a given. Even if they don't win the House, they're gonna take away the Democrats supermajority. If they don't win the Senate they're gonna get close to that, but a lot of people think they're gonna win the House. I think -- and I've astutely pointed this out on previous occasions -- I think that's exactly what Obama wants. What does he need for his own reelection? He needs to run against somebody. He needs to have somebody to blame for the mess that he's created. He can't and doesn't want to blame his own party, even now, even now he's out there blaming -- and the media -- blaming the Republicans for all this mess when the Republicans can't stop anything Obama wants to do. Well, it isn't working. The thing here is that if the "blame the Republicans'" technique was working, then the Democrats should be ahead in all of these polls.  But they're not getting away with it the way they used to.

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