Thursday, October 28, 2010

The utter hypocrisy of Obamamessiah

We have been treated to the lowest moments delivered by a President of the United States in my lifetime from Barry. His arrogance and vindictiveness even exceed Nixon. I do realize this past Presidential election matched the two worst candidates since arguably Ford vs. Carter which is our fault as Americans. But to elect a man who has so unqualified and so unpresidential is a new low for us as a nation. Barry is by far the most partisan President we have ever seen. He has done more to tear this country apart than any President since the Civil War. The new low was calling anyone who opposes him an "enemy". I he also went on to say who much he hates the filibuster. What a hypocrite. As a Senator he took part in several filibusters. Now because they have been threatened to stymie his socialist agenda filibusters are all of a sudden wrong.

His attacks on the Supreme Court justices over the Citizens United are are also unprecedented. Throwing out unsubstantiated claims that the Chamber of Commerce was using foreign money in ads was laughable if not so hypocritical. This is a man who took untold amounts of money from foreign donors during his Presidential campaign. Now that Corporations can spend their money on political ads it is bad according to Barry. Yet the largest single donor organization of political ad money is the Union that represents governmental employees. 95% of their money spent went to Democrats and what is worse is that this money comes from member dues whose salaries are paid by the taxpayer. Yet their pensions are so badly underfunded that they want government bailouts using more taxpayer money. If it wasn't so logically wrong it would be laughable. If any organization should be banned from spending money on political campaigns it should be organizations that are dependent on taxpayer money who have chronically underfunded pensions. Why aren't these dues mandated to go towards the pensions or their health care like private sector workers?

This is the next big battle in this country that you will see fought over the next few years. It has started in States like New Jersey and will continue as more and more Americans figure out the con game that has been run for decades by the Democrats and their Union co-conspirators. The Governator has done a good job pointing out the unsustainable condition of governmental pensions in California. Illinois has almost as large of a problem. The list goes on with more and more States joining. These defined benefit plans have to end. Every State that is in trouble is using pie in the sky projections of future returns on the money they have under management. Look at France and Greece if you can't smell the coffee yet.

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