Friday, October 8, 2010

There is Nothing New Under the Sun


Jim G. said...

There is anger about the insensitivity of building a place of worship near where a devastating attack was carried out in the name of their religion.

However, not this, not abortion, not gay marriage is the theme of this election, it is government intrusion into our lives and mostly government debt.

The TEA party, the new big thing, is staying away from "social" issues.

Baxter said...

Jim -

I hope you are right and Schweikert keeps emphasizing your point. However - I'm not sure how long that can last - the Tea Partiers are disproportionately fundamentalist Christians.

To the extent that they are genuinely concerned about debt, why would they call themselves "Taxed Enough Already"? By any objective standard, our taxes are too low - the lowest they have been in decades. It is ironic that their chief complaint is the national debt and most of them voted for GW Bush and Reagan - the creators of the problem.