Thursday, October 28, 2010

Wasn't this about entitlements?

When he who is now FOS talked about hope and change and the Bush years and the rich and all that crap, wasn't it all really about entitlements?
We can twiddle all we wish about gay marriage and religion, but our real problem is that we have committed to much. We are going broke and we don't need more taxes, we need to control spending.

Now Pres. FOS know this, hell even Rich knows this, yet they harp on about taxes and the rich and other inconsequential BS.

Gov. Christie is a hero and an example. He is saying what need to be said and doing what needs to be done.

You liberal folk just don't get the TEA party. Yes O'Donnell will likely lose, but the TEA party is supporting candidates who are willing to take a stand for fiscal sanity. THEY ARE OUT THERE WILLING TO SACRIFICE THEIR ENTITLEMENTS, CALLING FOR FISCAL SANITY.

Medicare and Social Security are nothing but defined benefit plans. They will bankrupt our country. Someone with political courage, something, which as we have seen, is completely absent in the Democratic party, needs to talk like Gov. Christie on the national level. The commission is doomed to failure. The President had his chance. The Bush administration tried to tackle Social Security and was demagogued by the Democrats. The TEA party is our best chance for fiscal survival. Wish them luck...Rich.

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Baxter said...

No, Jim, the Tea Partiers are not courageous and most of them do not support cuts to Social Security or Medicare. In fact, I think one of the reasons for this group's passion is that they feel their benefits are threatened by spending for other things - like stimulus to revive the Bush economy, TARP, and the rescue of the American auto industry. Heaven forbid any federal dollars are spent keeping teachers and firemen employed - just keep the Medicare going and the Social Security checks comin'!