Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Are Republicans Blue Today?

I thought I was going to feel bad today and I don't. Perhaps it is because the "wave" had been well advertised in advance and it crested below the expectations of many on the right. Tuesday night was a good one for the GOP. However, many of my Republican friends are subdued today. I get the feeling they are more upset having failed to capture the Senate than they are happy for taking the House. It may also be that their party will need to put forth genuine proposals for spending cuts that they have heretofore avoided.

Are Republicans blue today or is something else going on?


Jim G. said...

The battle is...candidates of compromise and win or candidates of honor and...TBD

Baxter said...

A bill must get through the House, the Senate and the White House to become law. Compromise will be required to get anything done and there is nothing wrong with that.

Can't one house effectively shut down the government? Sure. If brinksmanship is their preferred poison. The problem is, they will lose the middle and possibly do great damage to the nation. Just ask Newt.