Thursday, November 18, 2010

More Evidence of Bush Failure


Jim G. said...

Why, because they cherry pick and ignore.

How one can complain about employment with a historically low unemployment rate is beyond me.

How one can ignore dot bust, 9-11 and
an inherited recession is also wacky.

Mostly, and the same arguments remain, how can one seriously state that high taxes are stimulative?


Most importantly, limited government with low taxation and spending is the best formula for a free society. We want a free society.

Baxter said...

Excuses, excuses, always ready with lame excuses. The inherited recession was a pedestrian, business cycle recession. The dot com bust and 911 impact on the economy are measured in our GDP - which continued to grow after the very mild recession.

Zero net jobs in eight years is a record of failure. Leaving the worst economy since the Great Depression is a record of failure. Doubling the national debt in eight years - during a time of economic growth - is a record of failure.

We need to pay our bills - particularly in a time of growth. If Bush had simply obtained the same percentage of GDP as the Clinton tax structure did, he would have had surpluses too. But no - the Republican religion is tax cuts, damn the consequences.

Debt is not consistent with freedom. On the contrary.

That said, I have enjoyed watching Bush on the book tour. He is a very likable guy. I wish he had stayed in Texas ten years ago. It would have been better for everybody including GWB and Laura. The world would be a much better place indeed.