Wednesday, November 3, 2010

What happened?

Well Obama and the Democrats got their asses kicked for starters; but that was not the only thing.
The TEA party brought together the previously silent majority who have previously thought and now say "enough"!

Limited government! Reduce spending! We really mean it and we want it now!

Baxter's gobbledygook is standard pabulum, "we just needed to spend more"!, "infrastructure will be our savior"! and the best..."it is really not infringing on your rights to make you buy health insurance"

All the crap about how we just need to tax more to enable our entitlement state to grow and provide for everyone so we can be like...France. Well the Franc's are rioting over early retirement. LET ME AND MY FELLOW CONSERVATIVES BE CLEAR, WE DO NOT WANT OUR COUNTRY TO BECOME A EUROPEAN SOCIALIST STATE. WE DO NOT WANT TO EMULATE THEM, WE DO NOT WANT TO HAVE A GDP TO TAX RATE LIKE THEM. AND THAT MY LIBERAL FRIENDS IS WHAT YESTERDAY WAS ALL ABOUT.  We want to cut taxes but cut spending more and yes that will require entitlement reform and standing up to seniors and yes the Liberals, putting party before country, will say we are being mean by letting people keep more of what they earn and that we want to starve grandma because we don't want to allow our country and our children's, children to become insolvent.  Yes we can!

Moving forward the Conservative hold much promise, especially with a foil like Obama but we also need results and a sorting our of our previous confusion.

The old Conservative collation was somewhat patched together and with the familiar refrain...I'm a fiscal conservative but socially liberal is hopefully sorting itself out. The TEA party is manifestly FISCAL!

But I am hopeful they, the Conservatives, will do a better job this time. But...we are going to keep our eyes wide open. I can still remember reading (and almost vomiting) about the proliferation of earmarks when the Republican's held congress.

If they cannot get that simple one straight right off the bat....well let's just say they better.

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Baxter said...

I liked that post. Your original work brings far more to the blog than your cut n' pastes.

You & yours still have a major problem in that Americans - including Tea Partiers - do not want meaningful cuts to SS, Medicare/Medicaid, Defense or Homeland Security. 80% of the budget is effectively off limits. That, plus opposition to tax hikes, renders the Tea Party "fiscal discipline" rhetoric hollow.

The country club set, wealthy professionals and the silver spooners may be able to do without our New Deal safety nets, social security and health care programs. 90% + of our people cannot. That math will not change in our lifetime.

When Tea Partiers figure out just what spending will need to be cut to achieve their goals absent new taxes, support will evaporate. "Cut spending!" is great in the abstract and extremely difficult when applied to specific programs - all of which have constituencies.

Even you, Doc, will support tax increases if the alternative is material cuts to Defense and Homeland Security. Will you stand by as American power and security wanes, trumped by the imperative to maintain the lowest tax rates in the western world?