Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Poor "O" the Repubican didn't win a majority in the Senate.

After the world class ass kicking of this evening, old Obama will be able to crow..."but we held the Senate"!

The only problem...he will not have anyone to triangulate against.

He still "owns" the economy and with his limited political skills (you hear it here first) will not compromise.

Had the Senate gone Republican, he would have a ready made villian, but not now.

Us good conservatves can hardly wait until tomorrows speech.  Watch him crow and eat crow at the same time.


Baxter said...
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Baxter said...

I am hopeful after every election. New members and a new balance of power may make things happen that were not possible before. It is now in the interest of the GOP to cooperate to get things done. That obviously wasn't the case in the 111th.

The Democrats have an opportunity to get a lot done in the lame duck session. I hope that the Debt Commission will offer cover to both sides to make deficit reducing entitlement changes and new revenue sources such as a VAT. Perhaps, a revenue neutral carbon tax (favored by many conservatives) can take the place of Cap and Trade.

There is much to be done and it would be great to get some heavy lifting out of the way for the next congress.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

The sum total and net effect of this midterm election will be a two year House Committee investigation into how long and how often Barack Obama has been dating Valerie Jarrett.