Thursday, January 6, 2011

Circular logic-or a Circular firing squad

We have a budget deficit, let's raise taxes!  On the rich! (to the prev post I reply Duh!)

    Before we raise taxes, let's cut spending... how about we start with Earmarks?

Earmarks!  That is nothing, all the spending is in entitlements!

     But cutting Earmarks is a start and they corrupt the process.  But OK...Let's cut entitlements.

We can't cut entitlements!  People would be mad.

    But we can't afford to continue the current entitlements, they are breaking us.


    But you/we are  legislators, why don't we deal with entitlements?

Yes!  We need to deal with entitlements, let's raise them, everyone needs health care!

     But you just agreed we can't afford our current entitlements, why do you think we can add another?

Because people need things and it is the responsibility of a small portion of the citizenry to pay for the general welfare.  Raise taxes on the Rich!

     But even if we raise taxes and ignore its effect on the economy, we will still go broke if we don't deal with entitlements. Let's legislate something.

No!  If we legislated something other politicians would say bad things about us and we would lose our jobs! 

      Who would say such things?  This is really important, the country is going broke, we need to act.

We would!

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Baxter said...

Doc - we probably agree on this stuff more than you think - on the spending side in particular. We can also agree that right now is not a good time to raise taxes.

You missed the point of my 61% want to raise taxes post. It is two fold; first, America's real motto is "Don't tax you, don't tax me, tax that fellow behind the tree." The people want to tax the rich first. 3% and 4% want to start with Social Security and Medicare.

Second, the GOP is now in control of "the people's house". Will they listen to the people? During the healthcare debate, they kept on referencing polls. Will they be doing that on this topic?

Going forward, we need to cut spending - a lot, but not too fast. We also need to raise taxes in the same manner. It won't hurt the economy, it will save it in the long term. Just ask Bill Clinton.