Monday, January 10, 2011

Where is the $100 Billion?

The NY Times ran an editorial on Saturday asking where the $100B in spending cuts were that John Boehner and the Republicans promised four months ago. To date, they have yet to specifically identify the cuts and, in fact, are said to be paring the number down to $50B-$60B. As a reminder, the federal budget is $3.5 trillion and the party that ran on the promise of cutting spending has so far identified only $35 million. I sense a continuing pattern.

As I have long said, it is one thing to yell "Just cut spending!" as you are taking over a town hall meeting and preventing others from speaking. It is quite another to identify the cuts, as that is when the question is in full relief. Tax cuts sound great in a vacuum, and ring like poor policy if the price is deficits or the elimination of popular programs. Further - spending cuts are not the path to recovery in times of recession and high unemployment.

Campaign promises are easy. Governing is hard work. Lets see what you got, Mr Boehner.

NY Times piece:

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